How J.P. Fingado leads API Healthcare by building on strengths, not weaknesses

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J. P. Fingado, CEO, API Healthcare
J. P. Fingado, CEO, API Healthcare

Health Care
With J.P. Fingado as its CEO, API Healthcare has more than doubled the number of hospitals and staffing agency clients it serves and is regarded as the nation’s leader in healthcare-specific workforce management technology.
Fingado’s ability to drive such success at API Healthcare is because of his capacity to lead the people working with him. In his four years as CEO, the company’s workforce has increased significantly to match its rising sales growth. But regardless of the company’s size, Fingado’s management philosophy has remained the same: building people based on their strengths, not their weaknesses.
The success and record-breaking growth API Healthcare experienced under Fingado’s leadership made the company a threat to their top competitor. As a result, during January 2011, the competitor attempted to buy out API Healthcare.
An unusual thing happened during the negotiations — API’s customers began to protest and tried to block the purchase. Recognizing the distraction to the business and the risk that the buyout presented to API’s ability to serve its customers and take care of its employees, Fingado convinced the board to excuse API from the proposed sale. In so doing, Fingado asked his customers for their ongoing support so that API could continue to achieve the best-in-class strategy and innovation it had experienced to that point, and its customers and employees responded.
Fingado’s vision is to identify and quantify miscellaneous factors that contribute to cost reduction and quality improvement to offer Healthcare providers information vital toward effectively managing their company. In an industry where an estimated 60 percent of operating expenses can be attributed to labor, this is critical. Fingado’s focus is to build solutions that address this, and doing so is possible through the effective recruitment and management of individuals with strengths that complement their talent.
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