How Hugh Jones tries to make the world a better place with BankersAccuity

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Hugh McKean Jones IV, president and CEO, BankersAccuity
Hugh McKean Jones IV, president and CEO, BankersAccuity

Financial Services
When Hugh McKean Jones IV became president and CEO of BankersAccuity, he saw a similarity it had with his previous company, IntrinsiQ. Both companies lacked a clear vision of how to make the world a better place and provide value to customers.
Jones’ management style starts with understanding the “why” behind an action, career or business choice because that understanding allows individuals to have a real impact on business and the world around them.
This is evident in his choice to develop the value for doctors and care recipients in the health care segment through IntrinsiQ, and his work at BankersAccuity where he fights against the evils of terrorism, drugs and human trafficking through service offerings like anti-money laundering compliance tools and global payment solutions.
Jones leads his organizations by driving change and being willing to guide and develop everyone who is open to change. He believes that being an effective leader requires two things: the courage to decide, and humor if the decision is wrong.
In addition, Jones feels responsible as a leader to develop the people around him. He manages with the understanding that people will leave and his goal is to develop those people so their next job is only possible because they first worked with him. He also carries the philosophy that those who leave the company should be welcomed back if the situation happens, rather than cast aside.
His approach seems to have paid off. Within a few years at IntrisiQ, Jones had turned the company around, which led to it’s sale to Accel-KKR. With BankersAccuity, he doubled revenue between 2008 and 2011 and turned a declining business into a “growth play” for the same firms that had no interest from 2004 to 2007.
Because Jones is driven by trying to make a better working world, developing the people around him and providing value to his customers, he has been successful with multiple organizations in multiple industries.
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