How Dr. Stuart Bernsen saw standardization as a key for Chiro One Wellness Centers

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Dr. Stuart Bernsen, CEO and founding partner, Chiro One Wellness Centers
Dr. Stuart Bernsen, CEO and founding partner, Chiro One Wellness Centers

Health Care
Chiro One Wellness Center is not just a simple chiropractic practice that helps with neck and back pain, according to CEO and founding partner Dr. Stuart Bernsen. He also sees it as a way to turn the patient experience upside down, build a patient community, educate patients, find the cause of problems rather than just treat symptoms and focus on prevention.
Prior to starting Chiro One, Bernsen tried other ventures, such as LifeWorks, which was a consulting practice designed to teach young residents. However, Bernsen quickly realized that he was setting up others for success and then sending them off to other practices, so he shifted his focus to Chiro One.
Bernsen believed in standardizing care, which was an entirely new way of thinking in the health care industry — health care as a retail product and not a bureaucratic mess of referrals and insurance claims.
His vision was that patients would enter his offices for an experience that would provide them with the information and knowledge needed for wellness. Patients’ experiences with chiropractics typically vary with each doctor they visit, depending on the interest of the respective doctor, acupuncturist, nutritionist, masseuse and other professionals. Bernsen’s goal was to standardize the delivery of chiropractics, such that the patient was getting a similar high quality experience no matter which Chiro One wellness center he or she visited.
Chiro One set up a training center and began to expand practices. Each Chiro One office practices the same type of chiropractics, with marked success. When a Chiro One location opens, the practicing chiropractor at that location does not have to worry about billing, collections, infrastructure, or even changing a light bulb. This is all handled by Chiro One’s corporate office.
Bernsen truly believes he is transforming health care and the results over the past five years bear that out.
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