How Don Klein took a chance and made people smile with Chesmar Homes Ltd.

Donald P. Klein, founder and president, Chesmar Homes Ltd.
Donald P. Klein, founder and president, Chesmar Homes Ltd.

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Don Klein
Founder and president
Chesmar Homes Ltd.
Don Klein had spent 27 years working for national homebuilders, and he had an opportunity to move to yet another one when he made a seemingly bold move. He turned down a sizable bonus and chose to invest his own money to create a company he could call his own.
Chesmar Homes Ltd. is the product of Klein’s passion for making people happy. This applies to customers, business partners, investors and his employees, who he calls “Chesmarians.”
Klein is committed to hard work and dedicated service, but in doing so, he wants to see smiles all around. He wants employees to feel like they are part of a family and bring the passion that comes forth when you work alongside people you truly care about.
As the company grows and evolves, he wants strong personalities to shine through and feel comfortable applying their talents to help Chesmar achieve success.
All this became key when the company faced its greatest obstacle. Chesmar needed to find good locations on which to build. Klein tapped his relationships to find good communities to go to and his employees backed up his reputation by creating a strong product for customers.
As a result, Chesmar ranks at the top of its industry in customer satisfaction.
But it’s not all about business for Klein and Chesmar Homes.
Klein’s primary philanthropic focus revolves around the Greater Houston Builders Association’s Benefit Home Project. He has chaired the committee for the last six years, being extremely successful in recruiting and partnering two or three homebuilders with community developers each year to build a benefit home.
The builders solicit donations from contractors and vendors to construct a project home for about 25 percent of the retail sales price.
The home is then sold with the profits going to Texas Children’s Cancer Center, the Alzheimer’s Association and Home Aid Houston.
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