How Bryan Leibman keeps Frosch International Travel soaring to new heights

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Bryan Leibman, president and CEO, Frosch International Travel Inc.
Bryan Leibman, president and CEO, Frosch International Travel Inc.

Bryan Leibman
President and CEO
Frosch International Travel Inc. 

As the second generation of the family business, Bryan Leibman became president of Frosch International Travel Inc. in 1999. Under his leadership, Frosch has experienced extraordinary growth over the past decade.
The company has grown from four agents in one office to more than 1,100 employees across 27 offices nationwide and ownership in an international network spanning more than 42 countries. During the past five years, Frosch has experienced a 30 percent annual growth rate. In 2012 Frosch was honored by Inc. as one of the fast growing privately-held travel and
hospitality companies in the U.S.
Today, Frosch is one of the top 10 travel management companies in the United States. Known as a visionary for the travel management business, Leibman led Frosch to pursue his dream for a profitable travel business that reflects today’s distinctive needs of the modern business and leisure travel markets. He has turned his passion for travel into investments in the best technology and strategic acquisitions to become a top travel agency.
Leibman’s passion for travel is the biggest driver for originality and innovation at Frosch. The company has established service, technology, relationships and experience as the keys to success in the ever-changing travel industry. Frosch stands out from its competitors by offering a superior level of personalized service through the creative management of clients’ travel costs using innovative technology.
With the evolution of the travel industry, the profit margins for traditional travel agency businesses have shrunk and many smaller travel agencies have folded under competition from the Internet and airline commission cuts. Leibman takes a highly proactive and realistic approach to create better and more effective products, processes, services, technologies and ideas.
Today, Frosch boasts market-leading innovations that deliver added value to clients. Leibman has created a business model that capitalized on the most current and innovative technology in order to offer customers the best service and travel experience.
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