Hiring outlook for 2002

New jobs are expected to open at a fairly healthy rate in the Akron area this winter, according to the results of a first-quarter 2002 employment survey conducted by Manpower Inc.

Of those polled, 28 percent expect the number of their employees to increase in the first quarter, while 8 percent say fewer workers will be needed and 60 percent intend to stay at their current levels. (The remaining 4 percent were uncertain.)

The number of companies expecting an employment increase is down slightly from what was predicted a year ago, according to Manpower’s Employment Outlook Survey taken last year, says Jeanne Farmer, manager of Manpower’s Akron office. At that time, 30 percent of employers planned work force additions.

Hiring increases are expected in the areas of construction and durable goods manufacturing, while cutbacks are projected in nondurable goods manufacturing, according to the survey.