High-tech training

Remember the movie “The Matrix,” in which the main character learns new skills through a large plug in the back of his neck?

For better or worse, our brains don’t directly plug into computers (yet). But online sales training today is better and more convenient than ever.

Upgrading sales skills to 21st century standards through Internet-based training sessions saves the time and expense of sending salespeople to a training seminar. That’s good for both the company and the sales staff, because when salespeople aren’t out in the field, they’re not making sales or commissions.

Through a series of short Web-based training modules, salespeople at all experience levels can sharpen their skills and learn new-economy selling techniques. One company offering such modules is the Sandler Sales Institute, based in Baltimore.

In addition to training, it provides online testing and hiring profiles to make sure salespeople’s skills match their resumes. While no single training system is perfect and each has its pros and cons, “just-enough, just-in-time” online sales training may be just what you or your sales team need to help build sales in a slowing marketplace.

And it’s a lot less painful than a computer jack installed in the neck. How to reach: Brian Urbanski, (614) 792-3400 or Sandler Sales Institute.