Get in the online media game with these tools

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Over the past decade, three significant things have redefined what CEOs need to achieve marketing success. Online and smartphone technology has evolved, and the millennial generation has moved into influential roles within business. This has caused a shift from traditional media to online media.
Here is what you need to do to be part of the online game. Don’t, however, toss traditional media aside — marketing success will come to companies that balance both.
You don’t need to start over, but your site needs to be up to date with Web standards from a usability, search optimization and mobile responsive perspective. Since the objective of online marketing is to drive all traffic to the website and engage users once they are there, investing in a top-notch website is foundational for businesses to compete.
Organic and paid search
A link to your company website needs to display on page one or two when someone searches for products and services you offer. Otherwise, your website is not being found. Organic search engine optimization is complex and driven by keywords and phrases placed within the code of your website and optimized content marketing.
Paid search is Google or Bing/Yahoo AdWords campaigns that can put your company website on page one of a search based on keywords typed into the search bar and a bidding strategy that displays your ad based on criteria you can determine when setting up a campaign.
A best practice is to do both organic and paid search.
Online advertising
If you have not considered digital display or social media advertising, you need to. The fact that 57 percent of the time a buyer has already conducted online research and short-listed potential vendors means your company needs to be visible online.
Email campaigns
Email campaigns are used to nurture relationships your company already has with prospective buyers and current customers. Email marketing rules require opt-in email relationships with your company.
Marketing automation
Marketing automation is a lead nurturing process that keeps an interested buyer engaged. It is a strategic campaign that combines email, content and website marketing to provide the best opportunity to generate a marketing lead.
Sales automation
Sales automation is an online version of telemarketing that is similar but not the same as marketing automation. It automates the prospect qualification process and necessary follow-up to engage a prospect.
Mobile marketing
Website analytics are proving that more people are getting to company websites via their mobile device than desktop or tablets. The use of smartphones has reached market saturation.
Social media

If you have a social media strategy, it can make a huge difference to the success you have driving traffic to your website from your social media posts. So do it with purpose.

Kelly Borth is the CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of GREENCREST, a 25-year-old brand development, strategic and interactive marketing and public relations firm that turns market players into market leaders.