How to engage and acquire with mobile marketing

If your marketing plan doesn’t include mobile, then your marketing plan isn’t done.
Did you ever leave home in the morning without your mobile phone or your wallet? My guess is that if you forgot your mobile, you’re looking for the first place to do a U-turn to go back and get it, even if that means getting the evil eye from the boss when you walk in late.
Forget your wallet and it’s a different story. You can get by for a day without your wallet; you’ll just use Apple Pay when you go out to lunch.
It’s the same thing with the mobile marketing strategy for your business. Today, you simply can’t live without mobile, regardless of the size of your business. In fact, I can’t think of any instance where a mobile marketing strategy doesn’t make sense for a business, even when the focus is on B to B, for at the very least, you’ll want to have a mobile-optimized website.
Mobile advertising is laser-focused
Take social media mobile advertising for example. Never before has a medium offered better laser-focused targeting than mobile and digital does when it comes to finding your best customer, at the best time, when they are most likely to buy.
When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook, and Facebook-owned Instagram is the gorilla in the room. It offers the most effective and optimal pinpoint targeting for your business. That’s because Facebook knows so much about you. (Want to know how much they know about you? Find out here.)
With mobile-social advertising, your marketing can target the best possible prospects for your business. Want to only target women 35-54 in the western suburbs? No problem. Only want to reach out of town visitors to your area? Done. Want to reach people that are currently remodeling their home? Yep, we know them. Just want to reach your customers on your email list? We can only serve ads to them.
Coupled with the third party data that social-mobile provides, mobile advertising provides the perfect storm for reaching your best prospects with absolutely no waste. Traditional advertising simply cannot make that claim.
Reasonable cost
The beauty of mobile advertising is that it remains quite inexpensive. In fact, U.S. citizens are spending 2 hours and 51 minutes per day with non-voice mobile, yet mobile advertising garners only 8 percent of overall advertising budgets. That means that supply exceeds demand, thus creating bargains for advertisers that won’t last forever, but definitely exist today.
Marketing is an ongoing contest for people’s attention. And, mobile marketing is all about customer engagement and acquisition with a relevant message that provides the response a brand is seeking. We are living in the age of mobile.
Bob Bentz is president of Purplegator — a mobile first digital agency located in suburban Philadelphia with offices in Toronto, London, and Prague. He is also an adjunct at the University of Denver and the author of Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing that can be purchased at or at Amazon or other online book retailers.