E-business cards

Want a way to provide customers with your latest product news in a compact, electronic format? E-business cards and CDs offer sales associates a medium for presenting company and product information in a compact yet highly informative and interactive way.
“Sales associates can definitely take advantage of this technology,” says Andrew Carr, president of CitiScape Shapes Inc., a New York-based CD-ROM production and duplication company.
In seconds, a potential client can load the card and see an interactive presentation complete with Internet links. But will clients really take the time to watch it? Carr offers these tips to ensure they will.
* Keep it simple. Grab the customer’s attention with a brief introduction, get your point across and provide a link and contact info.
* Run a contest. You can ensure a prospective client will view its contents by using the card to offer a prize.
* Personalize the presentation. If you plan on using the CD card as a direct mail piece, personalize each label or presentation by using the name of the prospect or company. How to reach: CitiScape Shapes Inc., (800) 473-4791 or www.cardiscs.com