Don’t get cut by the cutting edge

Artificial Intelligence has been top of mind for many people since ChatGPT’s launch this past November. Its ability to use and respond to language in incredibly human-like ways has opened in actual human minds a new world of possibilities. And the disruptive potential of the tool has captured the imaginations of today’s business leaders.

Take Paul Roetzer, for instance. His event, MAICON, was created for marketing leaders looking to drive digital marketing transformation, with the help of AI, within their organizations. It’s been running since 2019, drawing a few hundred attendees each year. But in 2023, attendance reportedly doubled as more people from the business community became eager to understand how AI could be a transformative force within their businesses. And not only is the conference reaching new heights of popularity, but the folks behind it are also receiving many speaking requests.

While there’s much to be excited about when it comes to AI, the disruptive and damaging effects of the tool is also taking up a share of the oxygen. Many are wringing their hands over the bias that exists within AI tools, its ability to produce and accelerate disinformation and the destruction it might cause in the workplace as it takes over tasks and replaces human workers in the process.

As business leaders, we have a responsibility to explore this tool and learn how and where it can fit within our companies. This isn’t a passing fad. Effectively harnessing AI within your business could give you a competitive advantage over others in your industry who are slow adopters. It already has the potential to increase efficiency and enhance the capabilities of your human workforce.

Work to understand this new technology. Talk with knowledgeable people outside your business and experiment with ways to incorporate it into your day-to-day operations. However, don’t rush. Educate yourself and experiment before having AI take on responsibilities that it may not be fully capable of handling.

AI is top-of-mind for a reason. Its potential is seemingly unlimited — both in business and elsewhere. The responsible thing to do is get educated on its capabilities and look for ways that it might enhance your operations. But don’t let your excitement or drive to stay ahead of the competition convince you that AI can do more than it can. The fledgling technology is still being developed and its flaws could have consequences for your business if not carefully incorporated. ●

Fred Koury is President and CEO of Smart Business Network Inc.

Fred Koury

President and CEO
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