Doing digital

Are your customers getting more busy signals than answers from your business?

If your company is struggling to answer customer calls, the solution may not be hiring more people — it may be gaining extra bandwidth with a digital phone system.

“A lot of companies are not getting the most bang for their buck when it comes to bandwidth,” says Time Warner Telecom’s regional vice president Bob Miracle. “Digital phone service offers the most efficient use of bandwidth.”

Like traditional analog phone service, digital communications systems serve the same need. But that’s where the similarity ends. Depending on a business’s needs, it can move to a PRI digital system or a digital trunk. According to Miracle, the PRI is a high-end system for large businesses with multiple communication needs, such as videoconferencing.

“PRIs increase data transmission speeds and serve many voice and data traffic needs,” says Miracle.

On the other end, a company can call a local PBX service company and have a PBX digital trunk — which only handles voice traffic –installed.

Not only can digital phone service increase bandwidth, it can reduce static and ensure a cleaner voice path.

“With our fiber network, we have clearer transmission channels, so we lose the static,” says Miracle.

A digital phone service will not change the way your company is billed — you’re still required to choose a long distance provider. However, a fleet of services — including Internet, data transport and long distance — is available through a digital phone service company.

The best return for your digital dollar may depend on your call volume.

“Companies that do a large call volume business or companies with multiple lines usually get to the point when it is a necessity to utilize all their bandwidth,” says Miracle. “Digital phone service can be the best return for the dollar investment.” How to reach: Time Warner Telecom, (614) 255-2000