Cleveland's 'net gains

Computerworld Magazine named two Clevelanders to its list of the Premiere 100 IT leaders.

Bob Rickert, chief technology officer of KeyCorp., and Adam Wallace, chief information officer of Flashline Inc., were chosen from more than 200 nominees.

Based on survey answers, Computerworld created five leadership profiles for the winners.

Rickert qualified as a “diplomat,” which the magazine describes as someone who gets along with many different types of people throughout departments and levels within a company — important in a corporate environment responsible for more than $84 billion in assets and a work force of more than 21,000 people.

Wallace qualified as an “innovator,” which Computerworld defines as someone with a high level of creativity and imagination, and as someone who throws out conventional thinking and turns ideas into practical solutions — traits needed in a young company that sells recycled software code for reuse.

Nominations were made on Computerworld‘s Web site last spring.

Todd Shryock