If you’re like other business owners, you’ve probably been thinking about the challenges your business will face this year. SBN Magazine asked some Canton-area business owners what their biggest challenge will be this year. Compare their answers to yours.

Glen Becker, owner of Becker Marketing Group, told us his biggest challenges will be to manage growth and remain efficient while maintaining current customers.

Sally Lewis, vice president of Big Kahuna Graphics Inc., says she’ll challenge herself to network and to make face-to-face contact with potential customers.

Bill Weaver, owner of The Colonade Room, says he’s expecting to face increased competition and predicts he’ll need to expand by providing larger spaces for banquets.

Mark Gaynor, chief of Indian River Graphics, says he’s facing the challenge of finding skilled, qualified employees who have experience.

Kevin Smith, president and owner of PPI Graphics and Innovative Trends, says he’s challenged by increased labor costs.