Cascade Capital Corporation 2020 Business Growth Awards

35 outstanding companies that fortify the strength of our regional economy

In a year that has been plagued by COVID-19, it is with great pleasure that I would like to reinforce the positive and congratulate the 35 Cascade Capital Corporation Business Growth Awards winners for 2020! These companies are located within Summit, Medina, Portage, Stark, Wayne, Ashland and Holmes counties in Northeastern Ohio.
A company can earn a Business Growth Award by either increasing its sales level by 100 percent/$5 million or by increasing its employee base by 50 percent/25 people over the course of the past five years. These impressive growth standards enable additional major economic benefits for our local/regional economy.
These growing companies, selling their goods and services to other parts of the state, across the nation and even internationally, enrich our local/regional economy. Receipts and profits generated by these companies are positively manifested when they purchase local goods and services, invest in new operating facilities/equipment and hire new employees. These wealth-creating mechanisms directly lead to the economic vitality of our local/regional economy.
Cascade Capital Corporation’s primary business focus is to provide capital expansion financing to small and mid-sized companies investing in new operating facilities, equipment and human resources throughout Northeastern Ohio.
Through its SBA 504 Loan Program, Cascade Capital Corporation provides well below market, fixed interest rate financing. In combination with traditional bank financing, small/mid-sized companies receive 90 percent financing for new building, equipment and business purchases as follows: bank financing – 50 percent; Cascade Capital Corporation SBA 504 – 40 percent; business down payment – 10 percent. The primary SBA 504 financing term options are for 20 and 25 years, with current fixed interest rates set at 2.36 percent and 2.41 percent, respectively.
Cascade Capital Corporation’s Ohio 166 Loan Program offers an extremely competitive fixed interest rate below 3 percent for non-retail companies investing in new operating facilities or equipment.
A number of 2020 Business Growth Awards winners have received funding from Cascade Capital Corporation through its SBA 504 and Ohio 166 Loan Programs.
Cascade Capital Corporation is very proud to have invested its own financial resources to promote economic development throughout Summit, Medina, Portage and Wayne counties, for several years. To date, Cascade Capital Corporation has invested over $1.2 million to support new business development, existing business expansion, technology advancement and new job creation throughout the region.
Congratulations to all Cascade Capital Corporation’s 2020 Business Growth Awards winners on a job well done and thank you for your continuing role in supporting and revitalizing our local/regional economy! ●
Robert Filipiak is president of Cascade Capital Corporation, an economic development finance company that has provided dependable financing options to growing small- to medium-sized companies in Greater Akron and Northeastern Ohio since 1983. Reach him at (330) 379-3160 or [email protected].

Huntington Legacy Award

Cohen & Company | J. Michael Kolk, partner

Consistent with the firm’s culture and foundational principles, Cohen & Company has doubled down on its mission to support and advocate for its clients during the significant disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. While business priorities continue to shift, the company’s priority to serve clients has not.
Cohen is proud of its success in staying on top of a changing regulatory landscape and providing top-quality technical guidance and client service, all while switching over to a remote workforce. Its multipronged approach includes around-the-clock analysis of tax-based stimulus and loan packages, numerous comment letters to the SBA and Federal Reserve on issues specific to private companies and ongoing conversations with lawmakers and industry leaders to ensure its clients’ voices are heard. Led by Partner J. Michael Kolk, Cohen & Company is offering proactive tools to help clients manage cash and liquidity and provide real-time client communication about evolving opportunities.
Its communication with clients has been deliberate and frequent, focused on extended tax deadlines, regulatory changes and financing opportunities. It launched a COVID-19 Resource Center on its website, which includes more than 60 firm-authored thought leadership articles on topics directly related to the pandemic.
Cohen proactively reached out to clients and had thousands of conversations to discuss the complex issues clients were facing. Cohen helped them navigate the complexities surrounding Paycheck Protection Program loans, including loan requirements, the application process and how to effectively work with lenders. It also has a team dedicated to researching state and local tax issues and updating clients on new legislation and guidance.
Cohen’s management consulting team developed a pro forma cash flow modeling tool and a liquidity dashboard to help clients forecast their current position and help them prepare to come out of this challenging time even stronger. And its experienced turnaround and restructuring team is supporting companies in the hardest hit industries. Led by seasoned professionals, this team works with business owners, secured lenders, insolvency attorneys and unsecured creditor committees to develop and help implement thoughtful workout plans and operational changes.
While supporting clients is paramount, so is advocating for them. Cohen has a team dedicated to understanding and responding to CARES Act and PPP legislation. This team has produced around-the-clock analysis of tax-based stimulus and loan packages, and numerous comment letters to the SBA and Federal Reserve on issues specific to the firm’s clients, and has had ongoing conversations with lawmakers and industry leaders to ensure clients’ voices are heard.
Cohen has found new ways to continue to exceed clients’ expectations, while putting the health and safety of employees and clients first. It is committed to keeping its teams intact, remaining true to its culture and ensuring clients continue to be serviced at an exceptional level. ●

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

Sequoia Financial Group LLC | Tom Haught, president and CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t induce panic or push Sequoia Financial Group LLC into a reactive response strategy. The technological infrastructure at the firm made the transition to working from home nearly seamless.
However, what has changed is its employees’ level of reliance upon, and efficient use of, the company’s technological tools. Sequoia offers its teams Webex capabilities to support the highest level of connection and human contact possible, while maintaining the safety of its clients and its team. This allows all of its offices to connect over one call.
In addition to audio, it employs video technology so everyone can see one another as they work from home. This has allowed the company to combat isolation with firmwide virtual happy hours and lunch meetings. Previously, in-person firm happy hours were exclusive to those in a specific geographic location, but now all locations can connect in a common interface at the same time.
The VPN capabilities Sequoia shares with Cohen & Co. support both companies’ employees with ease. It serves as an umbrella of protection for sensitive client information in a digital world. This tool allows the company to continue to offer exceptional client service during the pandemic without sacrificing work-life balance by unnecessarily complicating systems and processes.
An important addition to the firm’s communication is a “State of the Firm”/Town Hall meeting at least once a month, at which President Tom Haught discusses the current climate of the business and offers his team the opportunity to discuss concerns and ask questions.
In 2019, Sequoia created the Growth Department, after its most recent acquisition of a firm in Troy, Michigan. The chief growth officer leads the team by staying abreast of developments in the rapidly changing regulatory environment, identifying business development opportunities and spearheading thought leadership. He also oversees the creation of financial literacy content and growing the company’s brand presence in the Ohio, Michigan and Florida markets.
Last year, the team generated the Recession Opportunity Kit, with a website, videos and a white paper that present both individuals and business owners with solid ideas for capitalizing on the opportunities presented by recessions.
As Sequoia continues to grow, it is important to ensure its clients trust that their best interests are the company’s highest priority. Its employees work hard to display their commitment to their mission and values in everything they do, but most especially in client relationships.
During the pandemic, Sequoia has offered consistent communications, thought leadership, educational events and client appreciation events for ongoing engagement with its service team. The company uses these events to give back to its clients and create deeper, more meaningful relationships. ●

Seibert Keck Hard Work Awards


The East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation (EANDC) has been affected by COVID-19 in two major ways.
First, the state of Ohio ordered that EANDC’s Energy Services department—which provides energy audits and free energy measures in low-income homes — be shut down until it was safe to enter people’s homes again. Second, EANDC owns and manages over 600 units of housing in Akron for low-income individuals, a population that is suffering historic job losses and reductions in pay. As a result, some tenants were not able to pay rent.
Although EANDC can ask for a furlough on its mortgage, a reduction in rent means the cash flow for payment of salaries and real estate taxes is affected. EANDC was approved for the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Plan to assist with salaries, but not covered are additional operating expenses. Despite this, EANDC CEO Cheryl Stephens has not laid off any employees, instead working to ensure families remain sheltered and staff remain fully employed.
To help ensure tenants stay in their homes, the organization created a “Rental Assistance Fund,” allowing tenants to apply to have a portion of their rent covered.
EANDC has provided quality housing and housing-related programs to low-income communities throughout its service area for 38 years in Summit and Stark counties. ●


This multilocation place of worship encourages volunteerism in-house, in the local communities it serves and internationally via missions. Through its ingenuity and creativity, the church has significantly grown in its number of worshipers, locations and revenue.
As a result, the church — with the assistance of Director of Operations and Treasurer Todd Colucy — has been able to reach and attract worshipers over a wide distance while using technology to communicate its message, continue support groups and maintain financial support. This allowed it to experience minimal impact from COVID-19 while developing new ways to continue to support those in need.
NewPointe provides extensive community service over a wide area due to its multiple locations and covers a broad range of needs that include Community Impact Day, Feed My Starving Children, Habitat for Humanity, Hannah’s House, Pregnancy Choices, Rehab Ministries, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, homeless shelters, food pantries and crisis counseling. Outreach also extends internationally through efforts such as Impact Middle East, Compassion International, Operation Christmas Child and mission trips.
NewPointe creates relevant environments designed to encourage and equip people to connect with God, connect with others and connect others to God. Leadership’s values and beliefs serve as a tool in daily interactions to guide behavior. ●

Best Story

Community Support Services began operations in 1988 to address the need for community-based recovery services for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness, a need that resulted from the deinstitutionalization of people residing in long-term psychiatric facilities.
Since that time, CSS Services has grown into a multifaceted organization that has been on the forefront of many innovative client-centered initiatives. Its innovative approach continued in 2020 in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. When in-person care became more restricted under Ohio’s stay-at-home orders in March, CSS accelerated its plan to provide clients with telehealth options that connect clients with psychiatric and primary care providers in the office, helping to maintain a continuity of care. CSS then turned to how it would continue to provide services to support persons living with severe and persistent mental illnesses and developed a model for treatment emphasizing needed services and safety for all.
In addition to traditional case management, the agency has three Assertive Community Treatment teams that provide services to clients who are the most impaired. Without the intensive services provided for these individuals, there is an increased risk of hospitalization and homelessness.
As the challenges of COVID-19 continue to evolve, CSS remains steadfast in its mission to serve those in the community with severe and persistent mental illness. ●


Employee Growth

Fire-Dex is a family-owned global manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) for firefighters and first responders.
Founded in 1983, it is an ideal paradigm for undeviating business growth. Led by CEO Bill Burke, Fire-Dex continues to thrive through expansion, increased sales and its unending dedication to the fire industry.
After moving to Medina 23 years ago, the business has introduced new products focused on health care workers and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most recently, it launched reusable AAMI-Level 3 nonsurgical isolation gowns and coveralls that exceed CDC guidance. They are tested to 100 wash and sanitation cycles to withstand the demands of front-line emergency services, reducing the carbon footprint of the typical throwaway-after-one-wear isolation gowns and coveralls.
In 2019, Fire-Dex completed a headquarters expansion, doubling its footprint in Northeast Ohio. The expansion included new offices, larger associate amenities, an on-site training facility, additional truck bays, an expanded warehouse and a larger shop floor, adding more than 30 new jobs.
Sales continue to boom, with steadily increasing growth over the past five years. Beyond its rapid growth, Fire-Dex continues to support the fire industry by developing new life-saving technologies to address the leading causes of occupational deaths in firefighters — heat stress and cancer. ●

Revenue Growth

Fox Enterprise Services believes in its people, works with integrity and maintains relationships that last a lifetime.
As a small family-owned business, it is aware that its employees have families to support. In Northeast Ohio construction, there can be slower times of year. It would be easy to lay off those who aren’t busy or keep them just part time. Instead, down time is filled with training, cleanup and miscellaneous projects. While those hours paid are not directly billable to a project, that is part of the company’s investment back into its employees. This has allowed Fox to retain valued employees while promoting from within and hiring new people to carry its growth.
In Fox’s panel division, in-house operations include design, engineering, engineered shop, coordination drawings, field measurements, fabrication, installation training and shop-to-site shipping. Including these services in one location substantially reduces lead times while increasing everyone’s bottom line. This streamlined approach has given the company additional growth opportunities because an outside source isn’t dictating lead times. This also gives it the flexibility to move employees from one area to another based on job site demands.
CEO Anthony Volpe and CFO Delilah Volpe believe serving their customers, employees and community has blessed them with growth beyond what they ever imagined. They nearly tripled revenue between 2015 and 2019. ●

Best Story

In 2005, Executive Chairman Matt Kaulig founded LeafFilter Gutter Protection from his basement to install protection on existing gutters and eliminate gutter cleaning forever.
Today, his thriving company has grown from a small office in Hudson to multiple offices across North America and is considered one of the largest home improvement companies in the country. Handling every step of the process from one corporate office allows it to maintain a high level of quality control.
In the last five years, LeafFilter Gutter Protection has created over 700 jobs in Northeast Ohio to become one of the largest employers in Summit County. It has also played a monumental part in giving back to the Northeast Ohio community through its Kaulig Giving Programs. LeafFilter Gutter Protection has participated in the LeBron James Family Foundation and I Promise School initiatives, is a large contributor to Akron University and Akron Children’s Hospital, and funds more than 50 local organizations.
From 2015 to 2019, the fast-growing company has increased its revenue more than sixfold. And with more than 600,000 satisfied customers, it is the largest gutter protection company in the country, providing the most effective debris-blocking, professionally installed gutter protection system on the market, paired with an exceptional customer service experience from beginning to end. ●


Employee Growth

An award-winning managed IT service company, QualityIP began operating in 2004 with a focus on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP services). Since then, it has made a conscious effort to learn from its customers and listen to what they need.
Leadership, headed by CEO Ryan Markham, has continued to evolve the organization in the years since to offer a variety of additional high-quality IT support services. That has resulted in a 145 percent increase in sales since 2014 and more than doubled the number of employees. Still growing, QualityIP’s certified IT technicians are experts in managed infrastructure, managed IT security, managed cloud and managed support.
In addition, the company offers QuickBooks and LEADS certified support, customized procurement, virtual CIO capabilities and more. And it still does phones. As a Premier Partner with Cisco, it offers the best phone solutions in the industry. It is also a Microsoft Silver Partner and a Dell Gold Partner, among other partnerships. Its relationships with the best vendors in the IT industry put additional resources and expertise at its employees’ fingertips to help save clients time and money.
The company’s mission is to provide the best IT experience for its clients, with a focus on quantifiable results. It aims to be an IT partner, not just someone who comes in for repairs, and encourages clients to do long-term planning. ●

Revenue Growth

Open Practice Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2005 with the mission of developing a web-based practice management and medical billing application based fully on open standards.
Since then, its revenue and employee growth have generated increased tax revenue for multiple localities, allowing it to contribute financially to local organizations and school programs.
In the 1990s, the focus for medical offices was on the automation of the billing process. By the time the internet became a platform for hosting business applications, the focus had shifted from accounts receivables applications to medical records applications that also did billing.
While physician practices were getting squeezed with decreasing reimbursements, the quality of A/R systems in the market was getting worse as it focused on the government-subsidized move to electronic medical records. Seeing the need for a web-based solution focused on helping private practices stay viable, the founders launched OPS.
As the clinical needs of physicians become more complex, it’s harder for companies to focus on the practice’s financial management needs. This has created an opportunity to add a partner channel to the existing direct sales channel.
Led by President Michael Teutsch, in the last five years, OPS has grown to 43 states, more than doubled its employee count and had revenue growth of nearly 400 percent. ●

Best Story

OEC was established in 2000 to provide high-quality technology solutions to automakers and their franchised dealers that facilitate the sale of Original Equipment (OE) replacement parts.
In the company’s nearly 20 years, it has extended this mission to additional original equipment manufacturers in other industries, both domestically and abroad, seeking ecommerce expertise in expediting and supporting their parts supply chains. Using patent-pending technology, OEC offers proprietary solutions that provide real-time, dynamic pricing for OE replacement parts.
Led by Chairman and CEO Chuck Rotuno, in 2019 OEC celebrated four years of strategic growth for the MyPriceLink solution, receiving over 160 million pricing requests on more than 120 billion parts, covering 41 percent of the vehicles on U.S. roads. Released in partnership with General Motors, this patented technology provides real-time, dynamic list pricing on OE collision parts.
In 2017 and 2018, OEC acquired two European companies, Clifford Thames (CT) and Bluegrasscoms, substantially increasing its workforce from two locations to locations in five countries.
From 2015 to 2019, the company more than doubled its revenue, and in 2019, the sales team had its best sales year to date, increasing sales revenue by 20 percent. In January 2020, it experienced its highest individual sales month ever. ●

Service | Established

Employee Growth

Surgere’s role in the evolving i4.0 supply chain reality is to provide clients with advanced asset visibility, data analytics and control through each segment of the supply chain throughout various industries.
In order to implement digital transformation strategies, Surgere has provided a comprehensive solution to clients, including access to experts in supply chain planning, packaging, automotive, governance, sensor-based technologies and more to ensure client success. COS is a cloud-based software that uses sensor-based technology (RFID tags and data entry points) to accurately gather activity data. By tracking a returnable container through each stage of the supply chain, COS provides valuable insight to reduce costs and increase productivity.
Users can also see exactly where in the supply chain containers are being held up, where efficiency can be increased, or where loss can be prevented. This robust program can be molded to fit each customer’s needs, giving them complete visibility and control of their supply chain.
Under the leadership of President and CEO William Wappler, in the past five years Surgere has nearly tripled its revenue and its employee numbers, bringing more jobs to the area. It recently established its new location in Summit County and hopes to expand substantially in the next 24 months. Surgere lives through its employees and their passion to enhance the next generation of technical students and empower women in the technology field. ●

Revenue Growth

Cutler Real Estate has been helping people buy and sell homes since 1947.
It has earned a reputation for providing superior service and getting the results clients and customers want. Most important, people have come to know the company for its honesty and integrity, and it is proud to be leading the way home in Canton, Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and the Northern Kentucky region.
The company became Cutler Real Estate when Jim Camp connected Al Cutler with Strayer & Stouse Real Estate Co. Camp felt that Cutler Real Estate was a great family company and encouraged the relationship. Camp has been principal broker since 1986.
As the influence of the internet became more important for buyers and sellers, Cutler Real Estate was perfectly positioned to leverage its technology platform and reputation for innovation to leapfrog the competition. In 2005, it launched its own independent brand, fueling an unprecedented growth and innovation track. Change and innovation continued in the form of dynamic compensation plans for its Realtors, consolidating and revamping office environments, leveraging technology to change the way it manages transactions and adapting its offline to online marketing strategy to connect with local clients and customers faster and more effectively.
Today President Andy Camp leads the company, providing a caring and nurturing environment for its Realtors to thrive. ●

Best Story

Peoples Services, Inc. is a network of company-owned 3PL companies that provide quality supply chain logistics, freight brokerage and asset-based transportation services.
With over 8 million square feet of warehouse space across seven states, it has the scope and experience to handle every distribution need. Led by President and CEO Douglas Sibila, Peoples Services warehouses specialize in food-grade storage, polymers, auto and chemicals, along with customized packaging and fulfillment services. Its transportation capabilities complement the warehouse services, and its experienced team maximizes its advantage to supply efficient and reliable supply chain services.
Peoples Services earned Responsible Care Management System® certification from the American Chemistry Council in 2017. Responsible Care® represents its commitment to safety, as well as what it is doing to help the community and support the livelihoods of employees. This certification demonstrates its commitment to health, safety, security and the environment. It is one of only three warehouse companies in the United States to have this certification.
Throughout the years, the Sibila family has been active in community services by volunteering and sitting on boards of community or trade associations. They have had continuous representation and leadership roles on local development agencies for decades. ●

Service | Emerging

Employee Growth

Crimcheck provides expert, comprehensive and legally compliant employment background services to protect its clients’ employees and customers, the two most critical components in making a brand a success.
With issues such as negligent hiring litigation, product liability lawsuits and workplace violence in the headlines, brands become targets. Factors such as employee theft and embezzlement, workers’ compensation fraud, or drug use at work create innumerable risks for a company’s brand and can impact its profits and reputation.
Crimcheck’s staff differentiates it from other employment screening services agencies. The company, led by CEO Tom Shieh, utilizes experienced investigators and customer support specialists who assemble a comprehensive background check, not a packaged criminal database, to produce results that fit a company’s specific needs to recruit talent.
The business has more than 28 years of experience, helping it become one of the leading authorities in the screening industry. It is one of only 114 companies in the U.S. to be accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association, and from 2015 to 2019, it nearly tripled its revenue and tripled the number of employees.
Crimcheck contributes to local economies by bringing growth and innovation to the community in which the business is established. It also helps stimulate economic growth by providing employment opportunities to people who live locally. ●

Revenue Growth

Shoemaker Rigging & Transport’s company is in its sixth full year of business. The rigging business includes the use of cranes to lift and move heavy items from above, tow motors to lift and move from underneath and the use of skates, straps and chains.
Companies that house very large, heavy machinery most of the time cannot move it themselves. Shoemaker Rigging, led by Owner Steven Shoemaker, is known nationwide for its ability to handle very difficult moves, usually indoors, where only a fraction of an inch is available to get through spaces. The company is also known for being able to take apart complicated pieces of machinery, move them to the customer’s desired location and put the equipment back together.
As companies grow, consolidate or close, rigging is necessary to move machines. It is a very dangerous business, and Shoemaker’s rigging personnel is continuously trained for safety and proper rigging execution. Its clients understand it is best to have the same personnel who removed their complicated heavy machinery be the craftsmen to reinstall it, whether across a plant or across the globe. Company personnel have followed clients’ large machine lines overseas to ensure that items were put back together correctly.
Transport personnel have completed numerous entire plant relocations and performed just over 2,000 rigging projects in six years. ●

Honor Roll


AtNetPlus has remained a leading IT services provider for over 20 years, but it has also faced challenges. Led by co-owner and CEO Jay Mellon, AtNetPlus’ culture issues left it struggling to operate in the black. The key to correcting course was a focus around building and reinforcing a positive company culture that would drive the turnaround. Ultimately, it saw a steady increase in profits each year, and 2019 yielded its most profitable year ever.

Consolidus LLC

Consolidus LLC’s track record of success has made it a leading provider of promotional products to Ohio colleges and universities, placing it in the top 3 percent of distributors in its industry for annual sales volume. Led by Founder and CEO Jeffrey Jones, it has received multiple growth awards, including Weatherhead100 Fastest Growing, Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company in the U.S. and Inner City 100 Fastest Growing.

Corporate Technologies Group

In 2018, Corporate Technologies Group, led by Owner and Co-founder Jeff Sumner, acquired the northern division of Pro OnCall. Acquired clients have phone systems that no longer have manufacturer support, and the company has offered its new client base solutions to fit their needs. It’s also offering managed services, allowing clients to manage all aspects of IT, saving them time and money while they refocus on what matters most to them.

Etactics Inc.

Etactics Inc. is a web-based technology company that provides revenue cycle and profit enhancement solutions for clients, with a focus on the health care and commercial sectors. Led by President Michael Teutsch, it utilize advanced EDI solutions and personalized patient and customer communication strategies. Since its inception in 1999, Etactics’ revenue and employee growth have generated increased tax revenue for multiple localities and allowed it to contribute financially to local organizations and school programs.

Ferriot Inc.

Ferriot Inc. has reinvested in people, technology and equipment, helping it continue to succeed in its 90th year of business, with its biggest sales year ever in 2019. It has encouraged and empowered employees to get involved, be creative and find ways to solve day-to-day problems. The family-owned, full-service custom injection molding and contract manufacturing company is led by President Craig Ferriot and over the past five years steadily increased both its revenue and employee base.

Flohr Machine Co.

Flohr Machine is a family-owned and operated full-service precision contract machining company, led by President Gerard Flohr. For over 50 years, it has provided quality machined parts requiring both small and large milling and turning diameters. It has a tremendous commitment to provide superior customer support. Flohr meets both quality and delivery requirements, helping customers with their inventory control while maintaining a reliable supplier base to help it provide essential value-added services.

Focal Point

Lori Krohn, director of operations at Focal Point, believes many businesses and nonprofits don’t understand how to tell their story, market it and drive awareness, interest and engagement. In response, the company has created a proprietary, four-step, turnkey process that helps businesses develop world-class sales and marketing plans and generate results. Its 2019 growth was its best yet, and based on the first half of 2020, it predicts another year of 20 to 30 percent growth.

Group Management Services Inc.

Led by President Mike Kahoe, Group Management Services Inc. has averaged nearly 20 percent growth year after year due to the company’s uniform approach to the sales process that gives employees the opportunity to succeed. GMS’ management team is largely made up of employees who started in different roles and were promoted, as the company provides the training, tools and resources needed to help people grow personally and professionally.


For the past five years, Jarrett has created new marketing initiatives, executed technological improvements, expanded its facilities and added employees. It has grown 145 percent over the past five years and is making strides to exceed this pace. Led by President and CEO Mike Jarrett, the company believes people are at the heart of everything it does, with a common denominator of the vision for the company, its clients and community.

Leppo Group Inc.

Leppo Group Inc. CEO William “Glenn” Leppo leads his team by trusting his co-workers to get the job done in accordance with the company’s values, just as its customers trust them to take care of their equipment needs. The company nearly doubled sales from 2016 to 2019, and in the past 18 months has nearly doubled the number of its customer service facilities, expanding from Northeast Ohio into Texas, Alabama and Florida.

National Interstate Insurance

Since 2013, National Interstate Insurance has grown revenue by 18 percent and grew its Alternative Risk Transfer portfolio of products by nearly 30 percent. Led by President and CEO Tony Mercurio, it is focused on profitability. In addition, it has added employee benefits and focuses on work-life integration to engage its workforce to continue driving growth. In 2018, National Interstate opened the doors to its new 117,000-square-foot office building.

Pritt Entertainment Group

Since its founding in 2008, Pritt Entertainment Group has grown both in employee numbers and in revenue. Its client list has also grown, with new client revenue increasing exponentially. And while still primarily focused in Northeast Ohio, it works with corporations and sports teams across North America. Its steady client growth has been beneficial for it sales goals and allows Co-founder and President Jeffrey Pritt to reach new audiences and act as ambassadors for Akron.

QualCare LLC, dba Home Instead Senior Care

With more than 25 years of in-home care experience, Home Instead Senior Care supports seniors and their families, putting relationships and safety first to help older adults remain in their own homes. Led by President and CEO Therese Zdesar, RN, BSN, Home Instead caregivers provide compassionate and reliable home care services, from personal care services to hospice care support, to help keep seniors safe and independent, wherever they call home.

Radcom Inc.

In 2014, Radcom’s sales were down and it was saddled with expensive office space that sat mostly empty. Then it discovered EOS and Traction by Gino Wickman and has since experienced tremendous sales growth. Radcom focused its messaging to attract new clients, stopped working for unprofitable clients and hired the right people. Led by President Angela Dianetti, it has added performance analysis and consulting to its offerings of instructional design and technical writing.

SaaS Factory

Metisentry is the SaaS Factory. Since 2006, Metisentry has solved complex business problems by building and growing Software as a Service (SaaS) products. Through a combination of software product development and cloud services, it empowered businesses to succeed in the SaaS marketplace. In 2019, it initiated a transformation into the SaaS Factory. Led by CEO and Partner Marling Engle, the company acquires, builds, manages and scales SaaS businesses.

Spray Foam Solutions Inc.

Five years ago, Spray Foam Solutions had plateaued in its growth, lacking a clear vision and operating with a small-business mentality. Then in 2019, it lost a veteran salesperson and hit its first year without revenue growth. However, with the loss of three large projects, it was able to take on 20 percent more clients, and with improvements in efficiency, grew profits by 30 percent, says President Aaron Raber.

Telcom Construction Services Inc.

Telcom Construction Services Inc. offers turnkey wireless construction services to the wireless communications industry. Established in 1999 and led by President Joe Anello, Telcom has developed a superior track record of professionalism, cost-effectiveness and project timeliness. Its dedication to excellence allows its wireless industry customers to experience a quality product and service that exceeds the rest, and its comprehensive range of in-house resources allows it to have total control over every project.

The Law Office of Mark E. Krohn, Esq.

The Law Office of Mark E. Krohn, Esq., offers an unmatched value proposition for legal review while also engaging in strategic planning for its clients, getting to know their dreams and goals and making strategic introductions to possible partners. The firm represents national technology, health care, manufacturing and service firms, which rely on it as much for strategic business advice as they do legal services. It is poised for approximately 30 percent revenue growth again in 2020, led by Managing Partner Mark E. Krohn.

TruTech Tools Ltd.

President and CEO Bill Spohn Sr. has built an organization with a strong, relatable mission that uses all the new “smart” digital means to reach a national audience with a local feel. The company has seen multiple years of double-digit growth and was named to the INC. 5000 list in 2016, 2018 and 2019. Spohn and his wife, Marilyn, are blending their knowledge and insights to build a unique, personalized performance homes, with “ideas stolen from the future.”