Breed success with positivity

I believe an optimistic, but realistic outlook will create positive business for any company. Whenever something occurs that might be a roadblock, I look at it as an opportunity to move forward. I believe people respond much better to positive thinking and it can create a lot of momentum for any organization.
Here are five ways to maintain an optimistic outlook while advancing your career:
1. Change is Good
Don’t be afraid to adapt to an ever-changing environment. It is important to continue to innovate and expand your product.
We continue to develop communities in high-end locations to meet the needs of our market. Each development targets different strategies, is unique in character and built to accommodate the specific location.
2. Create a positive culture
A quote that I like by The Ohio State University Football Coach Urban Meyer states: “You don’t get the culture you want, you get the culture you build. As a leader, you are responsible for creating a winning culture that drives behavior and produces results.”
Coach Meyer leads his football team like a business. He creates a culture of players who enjoy what they do and work together toward one common goal.
I also believe in creating a corporate culture where all of our employees understand our goals as one team. A positive work environment will lead to satisfied employees, which will create better results.
3. Learn from your failures
There is no successful businessperson who hasn’t failed at some aspect. Failures are the most important time in your career. It becomes a turning point to learn and move forward.
4. Compromise to make a deal
When negotiating a deal, you must be willing to achieve less than 100 percent of what you planned. A great deal is one where both parties get and give something to allow each to be successful.
When going through the zoning approval process to accommodate the municipality, sometimes extra items are added to meet the city’s needs. This is a compromise that will lead to approval and allow for both sides to gain a new development, which will be a great benefit to the area.
5. Never give up

In business and life situations never give up. Know when to cut your losses, but never quit.

Brian Schottenstein is the president of Schottenstein Real Estate Group, one of the largest developer/builders in the Midwest, focusing on residential and mixed-use developments throughout the Midwest and Southeast. It also is the only three-time Developer of the Year by the Building Industry Association.