Brant and Brock Bukowsky, co-founders, Veterans United Home Loans

Brant Bukowsky, Veterans United Home Loans

Brock Bukowsky, Veterans United Home Loans

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Brock and Brant Bukowsky
Veterans United Home Loans
Brothers Brant and Brock Bukowsky are no strangers to entrepreneurship. While students at the University of Missouri, they started a small business health care insurance company from their dorm room, and later, after Brock won a football ticket from a soda can, they started Buy-Sell-Tix, an online venture where ticket brokers could purchase tickets.
Then, in 2002, they began pursuing the mortgage business after a casual discussion with a former student. A grateful Veterans Affairs loan recipient, whom the company helped purchase his first home, sealed the duo’s commitment to focus on VA mortgages — and Veterans United Home Loans was born.
The Bukowskys have developed a long-term sustainable company, enjoying success despite the fact that many other mortgage companies failed during the recession. In fact, Veterans United Home Loans has experienced more than 30 percent growth each year.
The brothers attribute their growth and success to three core values: being passionate and having fun, delivering results with integrity, and enhancing lives every day.
At board meetings, for example, it is not uncommon for the duo to lead discussions on how to increase the company’s focus on its company culture instead of improving financial figures.
This culture also includes a commitment to the community. In November 2011, the Bukowskys launched their own charitable entity, Veterans United Foundation, which aims to enhance the lives of veterans and military family and friends. Many employees donate a percentage of their annual pay to the foundation, which the brothers match.
The Bukowskys plan to continue to grow the company in the future. They will soon be launching a title company and have also begun hiring VA loan specialists to establish Veterans United branch offices to establish face-to-face leads.
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