Bragging rights

OK, so you say you don’t like to brag. That, of course, is one of Pittsburgh’s big problems, at least according to the likes of the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance’s Pittsburgh Regional Champions program.

If you and your company are among the masses that don’t tend to view Pittsburgh’s figurative glass as half full, consider the following:

* Plans are moving forward for a $48 million, 1.5-mile-long Riverfront Park along the North Shore.

* Health magazine said Pittsburgh is one of the 10 fittest cities for women based on its offerings for women who exercise.

* Environmental group Zero Population Growth thinks Pittsburgh is the sixth-best city in the nation for raising a child.

Actually, these little facts – and dozens more, along with testimonials from dozens of Pittsburgh business, medical and civic leaders – all are compiled in the Alliance’s new and expanded third edition of the “Pittsburgh Regional Brag Book,” now available for both the region’s eternally optimistic and, well, the skeptical critics. In all, the publication brags about business, industry and commerce; transportation; education; cultural attractions and art attractions that include both visual and performing arts; sports and recreation; and health and human services, to name a few.

Even the book’s illustrations become something to brag about, as they are all by nationally noted artist Burton Morris, known for his leadership in what is being called the “New Pop” art movement.

Pittsburgh Regional Champions’ goal: to get the Brag Book into the hands of as many Pittsburghers as possible. To get copies for yourself and your employees, contact Pittsburgh Regional Champions at (412) 392-000 or visit its Web site at
Daniel Bates