BlueBridge Networks helps area nonprofits reach for the clouds


Kevin J. Goodman
Managing director and partner
BlueBridge Networks LLS 

BlueBridge Networks LLC, a data protections and recovery organization, is familiar with partnering with small to middle market businesses — and that also goes for giving back to its partner community enterprises.

This summer, BlueBridge announced plans for a hometown project with global implications. BlueBridge has donated up to $600,000 to help move the Cleveland Museum of Art collection to a cloud-based archival repository to provide a redundancy and preservation system more efficiently than the museum could do in-house.

As a result, not only will the staff be able to retrieve specific digital materials more efficiently, but the project will eliminate the need for more than 1,000 gold DVDs a year, currently used for data storage.

Kevin Goodman, managing director and partner, says BlueBridge’s involvement in the project is just a portion of his long-standing respect for Cleveland and its institutions.

Such projects are not the only focus of BlueBridge’s philanthropic efforts. The company supports the American Red Cross of Greater Cleveland, helping to organize blood drives.

BlueBridge has also joined with the Greater Cleveland Partnership, the largest private-sector economic development organization in Ohio, to assist the agency in its efforts to help create jobs and help businesses grow in Northeast Ohio.

Goodman believes companies choose BlueBridge as a service provider more and more because of its growth and maturity as an organization — a direct result of serving the community. ●