Bald ambition

Like many successful companies, local ad agency Innis Maggiore Group strives to utilize the abilities of all of its employees to reach its goals. Recently, it met a challenge set by partners to reach $1.33 million in billings in October.

But, when the partners set the goal (which, at the time, seemed quite lofty), they also agreed to shave their heads if they were able to meet it. So, in November, the managing principles, Dick Maggiore, Tom Merrill, Jeff Monter and Dan Pecchia, had their heads shaved by a local barber.

“When we issued this challenge last spring, that level was almost out of reach; now it’s reality,” says Maggiore. “It’s amazing what can happen when people work together to find new and different solutions.”

Pecchia adds that it’s important to achieve success by doing things in a different way and not always following the accepted norms