An Apt perspective on Pittsburgh

Jay Apt has the perspective of someone who was raised in Pittsburgh but lived in several other major metropolitan areas in the United States before returning to the City of Three Rivers.

During the intervening two decades-plus, the city underwent some dramatic transformations. Here are some of his observations about Pittsburgh.

  • On Pittsburgh as a technology center: “Pittsburgh is like the early days in Silicon Valley, where people were interested in the technology, not in getting rich. They ended up getting rich because the technology was so good.”
  • On Pittsburgh’s potential for venture investment: “It’s our belief that the Pittsburgh area represents a tremendous confluence of opportunity because of the combination of Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh and the other great universities here with tremendous business talent and an excellent transportation hub, the airport, the low housing costs and moderate labor costs. It’s a wonderful place to do venture capital.”
  • On the exodus of young talent: “You see the same thing in Boston or San Francisco. The fact that surprises me is how many people stay.”
  • On Pittsburgh’s relative abundance of green spaces: “Try to find a tree in L.A.”