Advertising's best

They say sex sells. But the winners of the 2002 ADDY Awards didn’t need sex to be provocative.

In fact, this year’s big winner, Brokaw Inc., garnered the bulk of its recognition for advertisements promoting snow plows, animals, police and the Cleveland ad agency itself.

Brokaw pulled in 45 of the 155 awards handed out Feb. 20, including its fifth straight Best In Show award, which it received for its Web site at The decision was unanimous by the four judges.

Brokaw won four gold awards, 14 silver awards and 27 citations of excellence. Among the notables were the company’s visually entertaining ad campaigns for Hat Trick Snow Plowing and the Animal Protective League.

The other big winner was Marcus Thomas, which picked up five golds, five silvers, 13 citations of excellence and two Judges’ Choice awards. Three of their top honors were for work the agency did for the Cleveland Indians, including television spots highlighting the baseball team’s 100th anniversary.

Wyse Advertising was close behind with 20 awards, one gold, eight silvers and 11 citations of excellence.

The other winners were:

Adcom Communications — two citations of excellence

American Greetings — one gold, one citation of excellence

Arras Group — one citation of excellence

Aue Design Studio — one gold

BrownFlynn Communications — one citation of excellence

Derby DeMuesy — one silver

designRoom Creative — one silver, two citations of excellence

divine Inc. — one citation of excellence

Dix & Eaton — one citation of excellence

Doner — one silver, two citations of excellence

Epstein Design Partners Inc. — one silver, one citation of excellence

flourish — three silvers, four citations of excellence

Hitchcock Fleming & Associates — two citations of excellence

Innis Maggiore Group — one citation of excellence

Karen Skunta & Co. — one silver, one citation of excellence

Keith Berr Productions — one silver

Liggett Stashower — one gold, two silvers, two citations of excellence

Manheim Advertising Inc. — one silver

Marefka Co. Inc. — one citation of excellence

Nesnadny + Schwartz — four golds, three silvers, one citation of excellence

Point to Point — six citations of excellence

Stern Advertising — four silvers, six citations of excellence

thinkinc. – one citation of excellence

Tiny & Gabes — one citation of excellence

Wolf Group — three citations of excellence

ADDY winners move on to a regional contest in Louisville, Ky., this month. Those winners go on to the national competition. The ADDYs are sponsored locally by the Cleveland Advertising Association. How to reach: Cleveland Advertising Association, (216) 241-4807, ext. 11,