7 reasons why you should prioritize wellness at work

Work can be a grind at times and I feel that is important to incorporate health and wellness activities throughout your company for many positive reasons.
Our company has teamed up with AccelWell, and we have an annual WellFest event in the summer that offers classes such as yoga, self-defense, zumba and more. AccelWell also puts together wellness programs for many companies to make sure their employees are health conscious.
In working with AccelWell, I have realized all of the ways below that their programs help out our company.
1. Make “healthy” routine
By building healthy habits now, you will learn to shift your mindset. It can make the health-conscious decision an automatic response, which can lead to a healthy work routine, too.
2. Stress less
Taking a holistic approach to your well-being means practicing healthy habits that benefit not only your physical well-being, but also your mental and emotional capacities. This will help out with a positive mentality during work.
3. Get energized
Consistent exercise and healthy eating habits have been proven to help people feel more energized, focused and motivated to accomplish work. Your productivity will skyrocket.
4. Feel empowered
Each goal you set and achieve is another rung on the ladder of success and self-empowerment. By prioritizing your health, you’ll strengthen your body, mind and soul — and that sense of accomplishment will continue to motivate you toward healthy action.
5. Build community and strengthen relationships
More than ever before, people are actively pursuing healthy outlets and getting involved in the community whether it is through attending a new fitness class, taking a healthy cooking class or joining a walking club. These people want you to succeed and are here to support you on that journey to live your best life, so get involved.
6. Lower your health risks
Studies show chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer are some of the most common health problems in the U.S. The good news is many of these chronic diseases can be prevented by staying focused on your health goals.
7. Control health care costs
By taking the steps to improve your health and well-being, you become less likely to develop illnesses or get injured, which will save you money on insurance and doctor visits.

I believe by having your company become health conscious, your employees will be able to work harder with less stress and feel better about themselves.

Brian Schottenstein is the president of Schottenstein Real Estate Group is one of the largest developer/builders in the Midwest, focusing on residential and mixed-use developments throughout the Midwest and Southeast. It also is the only three-time Developer of the Year by the Building Industry Association. Brian, a 2015 Smart 50 executive, focuses on new developments, management and marketing.