The 2017 Evolution of Manufacturing Awards

Today’s manufacturers face a bevy of emerging risks

On behalf of our 350-plus employee-owners, Oswald Companies is proud to be the presenting sponsor for the Evolution of Manufacturing awards and industry event for the second year. These awards recognize Northeast Ohio manufacturers that best demonstrate the ability to adapt to the changing world and take manufacturing to the next level.
This year’s conference, “Emerging Risks for Manufacturers,” hits close to home and we look forward to in-depth discussions on protecting and advancing our region’s manufacturers, among the challenges they face today, along with the risks that come with growth and opportunity.
That’s because there’s little doubt that the environment for manufacturing continues to be both exciting and challenging. Manufacturers today are in an entirely new economy, facing global supply chain pressure and competition; uncertainly surrounding government regulation; and the new threat of cybercrime.
At Oswald, we partner with hundreds of manufacturing companies to provide insurance and risk management consultation and service in areas including, but not limited to, employee benefits, population health and wellness management; workplace safety and loss control; property, casualty and supply chain risk; executive risk management; financial and succession planning; mergers and acquisitions; and more.
Against an increasingly competitive environment, employers are forced to tackle issues that surround them while continuing to develop and deliver world-class quality goods and services.
It’s only in seeing this full picture of risk that manufacturers can put themselves in the unique position to address their total workplace health, safety and financial protection.
What’s more is that this holistic approach to creating a safe and healthy environment can yield significant costs savings, which enable organizations to continue to reinvest in their workforce, manage their global supply chain and address cybersecurity issues.
Your people thrive when the company thrives, and we take care of both at Oswald.
These 2017 honorees exemplify the energy and focus it takes to conquer all fronts in these emerging risks. The revolution has already begun; the evolution is up to us.
We salute this year’s Evolution of Manufacturing Award Winners for their commitment to the industry and the region, and we wish them the best in their continued pursuit of excellence. Congratulations to the 2017 honorees and we wish you continued success. ●

This year’s honorees:

Bettcher Industries Inc.

Don Esch
President and CEO
Since 1944, Bettcher Industries Inc. has been a developing and manufacturing innovative precision cutting and trimming tools for the food processing and industrial manufacturing sectors. The company also makes food preparation equipment for restaurants and commercial kitchens.
Bettcher is committed to creating innovative products that increase worker productivity and improve customer yields, while also reducing or eliminating risk factors associated with cumulative trauma disorders and musculoskeletal disorders. Bettcher products are designed to contribute to better health, safety and comfort for workers, while also improving the efficiency and bottom-line profitability of the companies they serve.
To grow and maintain global market share, Bettcher has embraced a strategy of enhancing customer value through differentiation of products and services. With over 100 active patents, the company aims to deliver improved product performance through innovative designs. Each year, it invests a significant portion of its revenue back into research and development activities with a sizable engineering staff, extensive test laboratories and a full model shop with much of the same process capabilities as the company’s production shop.
Under the leadership of President and CEO Don Esch, sales personnel and distributors use consultative selling practices, serving as yield specialists who work with customers to identify yield and productivity improvement opportunities. During each visit, they routinely perform operator training in the use and maintenance of Bettcher equipment. A target has been established that has sales personnel visit each major account monthly and smaller accounts at least several times a year, a practice that enables valuable lines of communication between the company and its clients. ●
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Delta Systems Inc.

Elizabeth Barry
President and CEO
Delta Systems Inc. makes extensive use of rapid prototyping for a variety of purposes, including concept development, design reviews and test fit-ups. Unfortunately, the company’s aging Eden250 3D Printing System was nearing the end of its useful life, which forced Delta Systems to outsource most of its 3-D printing and then wait a day or even a week to get back what it needed. The company decided something had to be done.
The solution was to collaborate with 3DVision Technologies to identify the best machine to meet the company’s needs going forward. Delta decided to purchase the Stratasys Objet30 3D printer.
A 3DVision Technologies certified technician installed the Objet 30 and provided on-site training that got the design engineering team up and running in one day. Now Delta Systems, led by President and CEO Elizabeth Barry, is printing parts within hours, often printing multiple trays of parts in a day.
“We’re trying to stay as competitive as possible, in terms of being able to turn around designs for our customers or iterate through concepts in the shortest possible time,” says Isaac Kirbawy, engineering manager at Delta Systems. “Obviously, having in-house 3-D printing really facilitates that.”
The result of this improvement has been a reduction in prototype lead time from as long as a week to just hours, along with the ability to print multiple parts per day. The purchase has created increased flexibility to make design/concept changes and increased responsiveness and productivity. There was also a minimal learning curve on the new machine, all of which benefits Delta customers. ●
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Fannie May Confections

Steven Druckman
The fire that destroyed the warehouse and distribution center at Fannie May Confections on Thanksgiving Day 2014 could have spelled the end of the nearly century-old chocolatier. But 16 months later, a new building was up and running and the 94-year-old company was back in business. The total loss of equipment, inventory and merchandise was in the tens of millions of dollars, but leaders and employees alike refused to give up hope.
The company, founded by a former steelworker turned confectioner named Harry London, moved its manufacturing operations to a more modern factory in North Canton in 2004.
Fannie May produces nearly 60,000 pounds of chocolate a day during its peak season and 9 million pounds annually. The company, which is owned by 1-800-Flowers, runs two production shifts during peak season from October to February and a single production shift during the rest of the year.
Harry London’s R&D department has a state-of-the-art lab on site that allows the company to develop new recipes and conduct testing to ensure the company is adhering to its high level of quality standards.
A Lean manufacturing philosophy guides much of the company’s operation under the leadership of President Steven Druckman. Lean methodologies influence processing, budgeting, quality control and elimination of waste throughout Fannie May, and all employees are regularly trained in these applications. The effort has boosted productivity and allowed the culture to shift to one of continual improvement that maintains excellence in all areas. ●
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Horsburgh & Scott

Terry Ryan
President and CEO
As the new President and CEO at Horsburgh & Scott, Terry Ryan is focused on the continued growth of the business by evolving and expanding its gear and gearbox solutions into new markets across the U.S. and abroad. Many of the company’s products are now used in sugar mills, as well as tire and rubber plants. Horsburgh & Scott also produces gears for the growing rail industry and gearboxes for the emerging wind energy market. Horsburgh & Scott is owned by GenNx360 Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused on the industrial manufacturing sector.
Frank Horsburgh and Thomas Scott, who opened a machine shop in Cleveland to manufacture gears and pinions for the booming streetcar business, founded Horsburgh & Scott in 1886. In 1903, the company moved to its current headquarters, which encompasses an entire city block at E. 53rd Street and St. Clair Avenue.
The company has expanded considerably since then. It now has more than 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space, including a repair/rebuild center on Chardon Road in Euclid and a heat treat facility on Hamilton Avenue in Cleveland.
Horsburgh & Scott has always held a strong commitment to innovative engineering and quality manufacturing. These have remained core competencies to this day, resulting in the company’s growth as a global leader with products sold around the world. The company recently completed its largest gearbox ever and was inducted into the American Gear Manufacturers Association Hall of Fame for being one of only a few remaining original members. ●
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Nick DeTomaso
Jakprints, led by CEO Nick DeTomaso, has invested significantly in emerging and maturing technologies in the digital printing and decorating spaces to grow its business from bulk custom manufacturing to offering shorter runs. This includes supplementing customers’ warehoused finished goods (traditional distribution center) with virtually inventoried items, produced one at a time and on demand. It allows Jakprints to receive orders from clients via an application program interface, which can be fulfilled direct-to-consumer and fully customized.
Through its print on-demand program, apparel, home goods and artwork are all produced individually and shipped directly to the customer. This eliminates the need for clients to manage bulk ordering, warehousing and distribution centers.
Jakprints continues to evolve as a leader in high-quality printing and merchandising. The company was the first to receive the Heidelberg Anicolor Offset Press — considered revolutionary in the print industry — in North America. On a traditional offset press, every job takes a significant amount of time, energy and paper to set up. Balancing colors and aligning plates takes up to 1,000 sheets of paper. For a small run printer like Jakprints, up to 40 percent of its paper was just used for press setup before being tossed in the recycle bin. This new press can set up a run in less than 30 sheets, and in a fraction of the time.
Operations have needed to scale to accommodate these new processes, which include new headcount and new products. And sales has had to balance strategically to ensure these new offerings do not cannibalize capacity utilized by traditional equipment. ●
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Jamestown Container Cos.

Bruce Janowsky
President and CEO
In the past decade, Jamestown Container Cos., led by President and CEO Bruce Janowsky, has continued to grow through new business and acquisitions. The latest acquisition is HP Neun in Rochester, New York. Operations have been able to handle this growth through the company’s Theory of Constraints manufacturing process, whereby Jamestown Container Cos. effectively allocates 15 percent protective capacity in its plants and schedules batches as customers need them. The process helps focus resources to the constraint, ensuring that it is running to full capability and capacity at all times.
Capacity has been added to the Jamestown plants with new equipment that has either eliminated operations or increased the run speeds/downtime of existing equipment. In Cleveland, for example, the company relocated from Warrensville Heights to Macedonia, increasing plant size by 50 percent and allowing for better manufacturing flow, higher freight utilization and faster turnaround times.
In Rochester, a state-of-the-art box making machine was added that increases run speeds and reduces setup time and waste, thereby increasing efficiency and allowing for additional capacity and throughput without increasing costs.
In any business, securing good people is always critical to operations. Training, motivating and developing personnel have been key to the success at Jamestown and are an important part of the company culture.
Government regulations and safety standards are among the ongoing challenges the company faces. Safety, however, is a critical priority in plant operations and employees are continually trained in this area. ●
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Jergens Inc.

Jack Schron Jr.
The evolution of manufacturing is critical in today’s competitive manufacturing environment. Jergens Inc., led by President Jack Schron Jr., celebrates 75 years in business this year and part of the longevity and success of the company lies within the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, as well as product innovation and the pursuit of new markets. These business initiatives are supported by Lean operations, capital investment, manufacturing efficiency, and training and development of the workforce.
Jergens is a diversified manufacturer, with 100,000 square feet dedicated to producing more than 10,000 SKUs. Successful production planning is tricky in itself and the company’s enterprise resource planning systems challenge everyone to be efficient and maintain reasonable inventories.
Operationally, Jergens continues to invest in state-of-the-art equipment for the production floor. Most recently, investments have included not only multi-axis CNC machines, but semi- and fully-automated assembly equipment. The speed with which assembly operations can be completed and quality-control measurements instituted enables Jergens to be more competitive in time to market, as well as cost.
Jergens’ most recent and active initiative to evolve manufacturing operations has been focused on workforce development issues. Last year, the company received an entrustment machine from Haas Automation Inc. for the purpose of education and demonstration. The objective is to demonstrate to stakeholders the advancement in manufacturing technology, as well as its significance to the nation and its economy. It also highlights the opportunity this knowledge base can provide to the vocational workforce and those pursuing a career in manufacturing. ●
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Kent Displays Inc.

Albert M. Green, Ph.D.
National Manufacturing Day is an opportunity for manufacturers to address common misperceptions about their industry and demonstrate what manufacturing is and what it isn’t. In November, Albert M. Green, Ph.D., CEO at Kent Displays Inc., and his employees opened their doors to students from Stanton Middle School in Kent and members of the University of Akron Electronics Club. Exciting hands-on activities were among the highlights at this invitation-only event, which shone a spotlight on research and development, advanced manufacturing, marketing and quality assurance. The goal was to educate students to understand the complexities of modern manufacturing and to inspire them to consider the wide variety of careers available at a successful manufacturing facility.
“National Manufacturing Day gives us the opportunity to promote the diverse opportunities available in a modern-day advanced manufacturing company in Ohio, and spark an interest in the students that can motivate them to explore and excel in the industry,” says Green, who is serving his third term on the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Manufacturing Council, the principal private sector body advising the Secretary of Commerce on U.S. manufacturing.
Kent Displays presented a donation and provided an orientation on the role of engineering in advanced manufacturing to the University of Akron Electronics Club in honor of National Manufacturing Day.
By working together during and after this day, manufacturers can begin to address the skilled labor shortage they face, connect with future generations, take charge of the public image of manufacturing and ensure the ongoing prosperity of the whole industry. ●
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OMNI Systems Inc.

Adam H. DeFrancesco
OMNI Systems Inc. has embarked on a multi-year, multi-million dollar technology investment initiative in which the company upgraded its manufacturing resource planning software and robotic equipment. As a result, the company emerged as a highly profitable and highly efficient manufacturer of barcode labels. The company has grown 47 percent over the past five years and has dramatically improved quality while reducing costs.
Led by CEO Adam H. DeFrancesco, OMNI is a 24-hour-a-day operation that is profitable and has no long-term debt. Investments in robotic manufacturing equipment are funded internally through cash flow. The company’s goal is to become a $100 million world-class manufacturer of barcode labels and provide above-average compensation and benefits that result in the long-term retention of highly skilled employees.
OMNI Systems has been honored by EY with the Manufacturing/Distribution Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award and has been a regular on the Inc. Magazine list of fastest growing companies in America.
The company provides barcode label solutions across a variety of industries for companies of any size. OMNI has worked with a number of top companies in their respective markets and its impressive base of blue-chip customers continues to grow as word of OMNI’s reputation for price, quality and service spreads.
OMNI Systems is now the largest consumer of thermal media from the nation’s leading raw material supplier. This purchasing power allows the company to procure the highest quality raw material components at the lowest prices. ●
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Orlando Baking Company

John and Sonny Orlando
In 1987, Orlando Baking Company introduced ciabatta bread to the U.S., bringing equipment — and a baker — from Italy to ensure its authenticity. Making quality ciabatta bread requires two days of preparation and specialty equipment.
With its 75 to 80 percent absorption rate, ciabatta is considered to have a “soupy” dough, according to the company. Because of this, most standard lines can’t handle it. To make an authentic ciabatta, Orlando mixes flour, water and yeast into a starter dough, or sponge, then lets that ferment for 18 to 24 hours. After baking, the ciabatta, like all of Orlando’s breads, takes a ride on a spiral cooler, circling up to 18 feet with as many spirals, before being packaged. It’s this attention to detail that has made Orlando Baking Company a well-known name for great bread in Northeast Ohio.
Orlando Baking Company, led by John and Sonny Orlando, co-presidents, produces more than 250 varieties of fresh and frozen hearth-baked breads, rolls and specialty items. Its product line includes: Italian, French, rye and wheat breads; an extensive variety of subs, hoagies, kaisers and hamburger buns; and one of the largest varieties of dinner rolls offered by any bakery. The signature Ciabatta bread is a staple on menus across America along with Orlando’s hearth-baked artisan breads. The company’s ever-expanding product line has continued to grow with its healthy True Grains line.
Equipped with nine production lines, Orlando’s 250,000-square foot, state-of-the-art facility uses the most modern baking equipment available to create Old World European taste and consistency. ●
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Soft-Lite Windows

Roy Anderson
President and CEO
Soft-Lite Windows, led by President and CEO Roy Anderson, operates an award-winning 200,000-square foot manufacturing facility that produces high-quality vinyl replacement windows. The company’s focus is on premium vinyl windows and doors that offer unique features that will satisfy the needs of today’s quality-conscious consumers. This means offering more than just a traditional window. It means producing a product that will surpass the alternatives offered by the competition.
The key to Soft-Lite’s strategy — and its success — is its ability to continually innovate, to create new products and services, and to offer unique benefits to meet the customers’ needs. In 2015, Soft-Lite developed an interactive training presentation for each of its product lines. These programs provide dealers with an overview of Soft-Lite, including an in-depth review of the features, options and benefits of the windows, as well as performance data for American Architectural Manufacturers Association and National Fenestration Rating Council testing. The training program is fully electronic for use on computers or tablets, incorporates an in-depth video showing Soft-Lite’s manufacturing facility and processes, is interactive, and utilizes illustrations and callouts to denote important features. It is also fully narrated to ensure consistency in dealer product training.
Soft-Lite has also developed a structured Energy Star Training program to educate its dealers about the Energy Star program, the anatomy of an energy-efficient window, how to best promote the program and more. This new and improved interactive, web-based training enables a greater number of dealer representatives to be trained more quickly and efficiently. ●
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Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc.

Rick Tolin
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc., led by President Rick Tolin, is a business segment of Lubrizol Corp., a technology-driven global company based in Cleveland that serves customers in more than 100 countries. To evolve and meet the changing global market landscape, Lubrizol owns and operates manufacturing facilities in 17 countries, as well as sales and technical offices around the world.
Through its global sales and manufacturing networks, Lubrizol is able to deliver the products and services its customers need, where and when they need them. Billions of feet of Lubrizol piping systems have been installed globally — in established markets such as North America and Europe, fast-growing economies such as Mexico, Brazil, China and India, and emerging markets such as Africa and Asia.
Beyond the manufacturing of the Corzan chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), Lubrizol provides global employment in R&D and technical services that include dedicated piping system consultants located across the globe. Corzan, an alternative to the use of metal pipe systems, is an evolutionary offering that provides the following benefits: It has superior corrosion resistance over metal, lasts longer than metal and is more cost-effective than metal.
In addition, the Lubrizol global team provides science and support for industrial chemical conveyance systems, delivering quality and confidence for industrial projects. To support growth in a global economy, Lubrizol expanded or opened eight facilities across the world in 2015, as well as eight facilities globally in 2014. ●
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About our sponsors

Founded in 1893, Cleveland-based and employee-owned, Oswald companies is one of the nation’s largest independent insurance brokerage and risk management firms. In addition to our office locations in Ohio and Michigan, as a proud member of Assurex Global, the world’s largest association of privately held insurance brokers, our risk management professionals service and support the needs of our clients throughout the U.S. and worldwide.
Oswald partners with manufacturers to identify, reduce and manage risks through our cross-functional business units: property and casualty, employee benefits and health management, personal client management, retirement plan services and life insurance.
Although we have decades of experience serving manufacturers, our strategies are nothing “off-the-shelf.” We personalizing our clients’ experience, delivering strategies and service in employee benefits; workplace safety and loss control; property, casualty and supply chain risk; executive risk management; financial and succession planning; mergers and acquisitions, and beyond.
We uniquely invest in our talent and technology to simplify the world of our clients and optimize their business success. As a result, our clients can achieve best in class status, which translates into best in class risk management programs that differentiate their business in the insurance marketplace.
Like our clients, our employee-owners are our greatest asset. We have handpicked each professional, including former risk managers, claims professionals, engineers, underwriters and insurance company leaders.
As a team, we advocate on behalf of our clients, calling on data and technology to advance their knowledge, efficiencies and human capital strategies. We continually invest in risk management and technology tools to address challenges, and support our primary goals of saving our clients time and resources.
In short, we are partners working behind the scenes, and hand-in-hand, to keep operations running and business moving forward. ●
KeyBank is proud to have been Cleveland’s hometown bank for more than 160 years, serving the needs of our clients and communities across the region. As one of the nation’s largest financial services institution, Key brings the strength, industry expertise and resources you would expect from an industry-leading bank, while also providing flexible local decision-making, customized solutions and a deep commitment to helping our clients and communities thrive. Our unique business model positions us to bring the entire bank to each client, regardless of size, providing a broad set of products and services in addition to capital markets capabilities.
Manufacturing companies are at the heart of what makes Cleveland great. We are proud to partner with many local industry leaders to help them find unique financial solutions. Our industry-leading Industrial Investment Banking group, based in Cleveland, has dedicated bankers serving more than 600 clients nationally. In addition, we have research analysts covering more than 200 companies across industrial sectors. Beyond Key’s expertise in Industrials Capital Markets, our Commercial Banking group serves clients across the aerospace and defense, chemicals and plastics, construction, industrial technology, industrial distribution, automotive and metal and mining industries. Our knowledge of the industry and dedicated attention allows Key to focus on a company’s finances, so owners and employees can focus on growing the business profitably. We look forward to continuing to meet the need of manufacturing companies across our national footprint and, at home, in Cleveland. ●
In the face of volatile economic conditions emerging from global competition, it’s getting tougher to maintain profit margins and improve productivity in manufacturing. With more than 95 years of experience, we know what it takes to survive and thrive in manufacturing. Our Manufacturing Services Group is focused on understanding the manufacturing process — beyond the numbers. In addition to traditional assurance and tax advisory work, our team can help you with an array of services including budgeting and cash flow analysis, cost accounting design and implementation, measuring product-line profitability and pricing techniques. Our specialists can also assist you with finding the right ERP system, strategic planning, valuation and corporate finance.
Our professionals are frequent speakers at industry functions and contributors to professional journals, and we bring those best practices that we’ve learned directly to our clients through our executive roundtables, client alerts and free educational seminars.
Meaden & Moore has focused its expertise and resources on providing the highest quality tax, assurance and business consulting services to organizations throughout the country. We recognize that hard work and dedication translate into building trusted business relationships. With more than 200 professionals in 18 cities, we bring integrity and competence to each of our long-standing client partnerships. ●
In the manufacturing and distribution business, a combination of quality, speed and service determines who fails and who thrives. Machines and equipment can help ensure consistent outcomes, but the human element is still critical to your success. Unfortunately, that’s probably your biggest challenge.
The process involved for finding reliable workers can be overwhelming. It takes time to source, interview and hire great workers.
At Alliance Industrial Solutions our specialized recruitment team focuses on manufacturing, warehouse and distribution jobs only. Whether our clients need a machine operator, assembler, an extra hand in shipping and receiving, or any type of help in a manufacturing or factory setting, we know how to find the right people. In fact, that’s all we do every day.
Traditionally, staffing firms operate on a branch-office model — but every office likely does things differently. At Alliance Industrial Solutions, we realized that the traditional model was broken. So, we fixed it. We built a new model that generates consistent, repeatable results manufacturing companies can rely on.
A centralized recruiting location, which we call the Operational Excellence Center, gives us better control over the talent acquisition and selection process so that we can leverage cutting-edge technologies, automated workflows and analytics to accurately identify and engage talent.
We can identify talent all over the world by partnering with existing online recruitment resources. We engage our candidates by conducting HD-quality video interviews via desktop or mobile device. We store the interviews in our applicant tracking system and email them to you to expedite the hiring process — leading to time-to-fill ratios well above industry standards.
As manufacturing continues to evolve, Alliance Industrial Solutions is committed to evolving as well. ●
TPI Efficiency’s mission is simple — to reduce operating expenses and empower clients while delivering a world-class experience.
In less than 10 years, we have evolved from a boutique firm providing energy and telecom solutions to Northeast Ohio nonprofits, to a full-service procurement group that delivers Total Procurement IntelligenceTM to manufacturers, nonprofits and residential consumers throughout the U.S.
We’ve earned the reputation of a respected, tough negotiator by constantly monitoring hundreds of suppliers, their products and delivery platforms. We sit on your side of the negotiation table and manage your entire procurement process — assisting with front-end research of existing contracts and usage profiles, the preparation and disbursement of competitive bids, the analysis of all proposals, and the selection and implementation of the winning supplier. But, TPI does more than offer strategy and savings. We take pride in building strong relationships with our clients — giving you a positive experience and customer support you can rely on.
TPI Efficiency is committed to identifying areas where nearly every business can decrease monthly operating expenses and achieve budget certainty for the future — allowing you to focus on growing your business while we manage supplier decisions that impact your bottom line. ●
SyncShow is an online marketing and sales agency focused on improving pipeline revenue exclusively for manufacturers and the professional service firms that service them. We develop and implement performance-driven marketing campaigns, creation and integration of sales and marketing strategies to help manufacturers grow, including:

  • Lead generation.
  • Lead nurturing.
  • Lead management.
  • Website development.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Video marketing.
  • PPC campaigns.
  • eCommerce strategies.
  • Sales and marketing alignment.

Through its exceptionally competent and experienced workforce, SyncShow sets the industry standard for quality and reliability in its services and leads all suppliers in its served market for demonstrated integrity and outstanding customer service. ●
As a regional leader in manufacturing and technology, Cuyahoga Community College’s Workforce, Community and Economic Development Division (WCED) offers a wide range of fast-track and degree programs to train individuals, including the incumbent workforce, with the skills necessary for today’s workforce. Through employee training programs, professional development, lifelong learning opportunities and community service programs, WCED is dedicated to enhancing economic growth and the quality of life in Northeast Ohio.
At Tri-C, we have developed innovation and demand-driven approaches to meet the regional demand for a skilled workforce. We remain cognizant of the need for trained professionals in the region’s manufacturing sector and work collaboratively with our industry partners to provide customized training solutions.
Cuyahoga Community College continues to expand its efforts to support the needs of manufacturing companies throughout the region. Recently, the College launched its new mobile training unit to respond to the growing demand for technical training throughout the region. The unit offers 53 feet of classroom and lab space and features: seating for 10 students, instructor station, state-of-the-art technology and an attached 36-foot mobile lab. The lab has been outfitted to allow training in CNC machining, programmable logic controls, 3-D printing and welding techniques. The mobile unit expands Tri-C’s outreach to industry and allows the College to support the need for talent throughout Northeast Ohio.
In addition to providing individuals with new skills that allow them to obtain a skilled job in manufacturing that provides livable wages and benefits, through its Corporate College division, WCED also works directly with Northeast Ohio employers to work with their incumbent workers on a variety of programs that are directly relevant to manufacturers. These programs include Lean and Lean Six Sigma, ISO Standards (ISO 9001, TS 16949 and AS9100), project management (CAPM), supervisor training and a host of information technology courses.
Tri-C stands committed to advancing manufacturing in the region and strongly supports Smart Business for its efforts to recognize contributors in the sector. We congratulate all the companies who work to support the economic vitality of Northeast Ohio and wish you all continued success. ●
From innovations to operations, Brouse McDowell has provided legal advice to clients ranging from sole proprietorships to the nation’s largest corporations for almost 100 years. With offices in Akron, Cleveland, Lorain County and now Youngstown, our attorneys serve clients in their own hometowns, the region and throughout the U.S. We remain rooted in the community, helping to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit of our neighbors. Brouse is a partner to the manufacturers that pioneered industry in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, as well as the businesses reshaping our region today through innovation.
Our work spans all sectors of the economy and our practice groups bring together the specialized skills and experience that manufacturers need to meet their most pressing objectives. Clients appreciate Brouse as a collaborative partner — one that consistently supports the relationship by making connections and creating opportunities.
Brouse McDowell practices in the areas of: business restructuring, bankruptcy and commercial law; corporate and securities; environmental; estate, succession planning and probate administration; health care; insurance recovery; intellectual property; labor and employment including workers’ compensation; litigation; real estate and construction; and corporate taxation. ●
BMW of Westlake is proud to be the Official Auto Sponsor of Smart Business Events in 2017. BMW of Westlake, formerly Ganley BMW, has been serving Northeast Ohio since 1999, and has been an official BMW franchise since 1986. BMW of Westlake recently celebrated its second anniversary at its new state-of-the-art facility on Sperry Drive in Westlake, and is proud to be an automotive leader in the community. Since opening its doors, BMW of Westlake has maintained a solid commitment to you, the customer, offering the widest selection of new and used BMW vehicles with ease of purchase.
BMW of Westlake is conveniently located off Interstate 90 on Sperry Drive in Westlake and takes great pride to serve the local community as well as out-of-state clients. For the past four years, BMW of Westlake has been named Ohio’s No. 1 BMW dealership by DealerRater strives to deliver the ultimate buying experience to its customers for years to come. ●
Manufacturers deal with a number of challenges on a daily basis, including a document-critical workflow, high materials costs and strict compliance and labor regulations. These challenges make operational efficiency and security key priorities for your business.
That’s why for more than 20 years, Blue Technologies has helped the manufacturing industry create solutions to optimize workflow and recover costs. We can evaluate your operations to identify process bottlenecks, costly waste and threats to information security — then design a custom, best-fit solution tailored to meet your organization’s business needs.
An award-winning office technology solutions provider, Blue Technologies offers office hardware, managed print services, document management and IT solutions independent of any single manufacturer. We service and support local and national businesses from our headquarters in Cleveland, and branch locations in Canton, Columbus and Sandusky — with a team of more than 200 employees.
We’re proud to say that customers continually choose Blue Technologies because of its “Commitment to Excellence — EVERY DAY.” This five-point pledge of accountability and reliability — guaranteed in writing — is put into place to protect the customer after the acquisition is complete, covering product performance, product service, supplies, easy acquisition and customer service.
By optimizing and keeping your infrastructure healthy, Blue Technologies can help you get the most out of your technology investments to keep your business running smoothly. ●
Engagement doesn’t happen overnight. It is the result of a long-term commitment by your organization to connect with and invest in the wants and needs of your target audience.
Convero develops content marketing programs that increase engagement and performance. Our five-step process delivers detailed plans — from strategy and planning to execution and measurement — for organizations across a wide range of industries, including banking and finance, health care, higher education, manufacturing and associations. ●
Recognized for world-class customer service and innovation, The Shamrock Cos. Inc.’s mission is to deliver exceptional value for our customers by providing the integrated marketing solutions that help build and protect their brands, drive revenue, and create efficiency using the right mix of people, services and technology. The foundation of our deliverables is smart marketing: approaching our clients’ needs and requirements from a strategic perspective. We bring the commitment of our mission to a multitude of manufacturing clients to support their brand, business growth and success.
From our clients’ perspective, we understand the demands and challenges of the manufacturing industry and realize the importance of continuous process improvement, innovation, business efficiency and effective marketing to thrive in a fast-paced, technology-driven space. With more than 30 years of proven experience and expertise in smart marketing, we are proudly committed and positioned to provide world-class products and services to maximize our manufacturing clients’ business success.
Founded in 1982 as a business forms and print distribution company, Shamrock has diversified its services over the years to better serve its growing client base in markets worldwide. Today, Shamrock is a full-service integrated marketing solutions provider headquartered in Westlake. Its national footprint includes 23 sales offices and four fulfillment centers throughout the U.S. A single-resource company, Shamrock offers one-stop, total project management solutions, from marketing program design to complete program fulfillment with capabilities including: strategic marketing and creative design, print and distribution, marketing asset management solution, packaging, premium and promotional products and data management. ●
Hughie’s Event Production Services has been Cleveland’s live-event design and production resource since 1953. Hughie’s believes in giving back to the city where it all began and the area that we’ve called home for 60 years.
Hughie’s is a full-service event production company and worldwide supplier of high-definition video projection equipment, concert-quality audio systems, intelligent moving lights, staging systems, decor and more to satisfy all your presentation and special event needs. ●