Central Ohio’s Smart 50 make success happen by being on target

col_DebraPenzoneDebra A. Penzone
The Charles Penzone Salons
Under the leadership of Debra A. Penzone, The Charles Penzone Salons operate within six salon/day spa locations. Penzone has influenced the company for nearly 25 years, starting as a hair stylist assistant and moving up the ranks to president.
Penzone employs training teams to remain on the cutting edge of the industry. With Penzone’s oversight, the company embraces technology through SalonBiz — a salon management system, social media and is involved with a network of other salons/spas across the nation for benchmarking and best-practice sharing. The training teams meet monthly to improve salon offerings and develop and write protocols for seasonal services that are specifically curated for The Charles Penzone Salons.
Penzone also was instrumental in building up community involvement within the salons. In 2013 alone, the salons donated more than 600 volunteer hours towards bettering the community. Penzone has earned several awards for her volunteerism and philanthropic spirit.

col_MarkRinkovDr. Mark Rinkov
Founder and CEO
Rinkov Eyecare Centers
Dr. Mark Rinkov founded Rinkov Eyecare Centers to improve patients’ lives through outstanding quality eye care.
While many private optometric practices have declined, Rinkov Eyecare Centers has grown to eight offices and now employs more than 50 people.
In 2010, CEO Rinkov brought his son, Jeff Rinkov, a law school graduate, into the practice to build an infrastructure for growth. Two years later, a corporate office location was established and staffed for insurance verification and billing, as well as executive management.
Rinkov continually invests in new technology and the latest diagnostic equipment. A new computer system network that links all patients and offices allows all locations to share information. Plus, Rinkov Eyecare Centers’ proprietary 20-Point Eye Exam® is a comprehensive annual examination that includes 20 important assessments at no extra charge. It can uncover early signs of health risks such as cancerous tumors, diabetes and eye conditions that need immediate attention.

col_PeggyRuhlinPeggy M. Ruhlin
Budros, Ruhlin & Roe Inc.
Unlike service professions such as law and accounting, there have been little or no models or best practices established for growing a successful wealth management business. Budros, Ruhlin & Roe Inc., and its CEO, Peggy M. Ruhlin, are solving that problem.
BRR was one of the very first wealth management firms to institutionalize its business. Instead of being a conglomeration of individual financial advisers, all of BRR’s clients are clients of the firm.
This has promoted a culture of collegiality and cooperation. It has also lead to real, transferable business value for shareholders, and the assurance of stable, sustainable business continuity for clients.
Another growth driver for BRR has been its Internet portal, My BRR Office, which now has its own app. Using this, clients can communicate with the firm and their service team, upload and download documents, review financial reports and information, and view market updates and commentary.

col_DanielSaddDaniel Sadd
Salon Lofts
CEO of Salon Lofts Daniel Sadd says, “We will gladly zig when others zag.”
Sadd reinvented the beauty industry by integrating proprietary technology to benefit beauty professionals who want to operate their own businesses with minimal risks, as well as consumers who want an easy way to find stylists.
Consumers use a proprietary feature called Open Chair to book hair, skin, nail or body services with Salon Lofts. Open Chair enables consumers to find an appointment at any of the Salon Lofts locations nationwide with a beauty professional available for their preferred date and time.
Under Sadd’s leadership, Salon Lofts has grown to lease space to more than 1,000 beauty professionals nationwide, and presently operates 54 shops in five states.
The proprietary online marketing services and solutions that Salon Lofts has developed for both its loft owners and customers set it apart from competitors.

col_CKSatyapriyaC.K. Satyapriya
President and CEO
CTL Engineering Inc.
C.K. Satyapriya has played an instrumental role in the success of CTL Engineering Inc. for nearly four decades. Satyapriya assumed the role of vice president in 1979, became president in 1986 and has served as president and CEO since 1999.
As a new CEO, Satyapriya re-engineered CTL Engineering by adding complementary services, opening branch offices and making acquisitions. The acquisitions and internal growth spurred by the changes have helped increase the value of the employee stock ownership plan over the past 10 years.
CTL Engineering is based on shared principles such as values, policies and attitudes, and shared practices including norms, systems and processes.
In 1992, Satyapriya began adopting the balanced scorecard approach — a bottom-up rather than top-down method to strategic planning. Today, more than 50 of CTL Engineering’s management team make up four committees that help drive results within the organization.