2012 Kent Clapp CEO Leadership Award Finalist: Kevin J. Goodman, Managing Director of Business Development & Partner, BlueBridge Networks

Kevin J. Goodman, Managing Director of Business Development & Partner, BlueBridge Networks

Kevin Goodman has jumped into his support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with everything that he can give. He joined the charity’s Northern Ohio Board of Trustees in 2009 and is now a vice president on the executive committee.
Since his first day with the group, Goodman understood his role and how much he could bring to the charity’s effort to help those with leukemia or lymphoma.
Through his role as managing director of business development and partner with BlueBridge Networks, Goodman can leverage his contacts and bring in resources to help with the cause.
He can take the stories that he hears from meeting people with various forms of blood cancer and share those stories with others to raise awareness. His kind heart and sense of doing whatever he can to help people serves him well as gives those touched by the disease a glimmer of hope for the future.
But as valuable as that cause is, it’s not the only one to which Goodman gives his time and talents. BlueBridge is also a big supporter of the American Red Cross of Greater Cleveland.
The company and charitable organization recently worked in partnership to increase awareness for emergency preparedness, something that has proven to be incredibly timely given the effects of Hurricane Sandy in late October.
But once again, that’s not all. Goodman has joined with Greater Cleveland Partnership, the largest private-sector economic development organization in Ohio, to give the agency the means to be an even better toward creating jobs and helping businesses grow in Northeast Ohio.
Goodman brings passion, excitement and energy to everything he does and takes great joy in seeing the difference that he and BlueBridge have been able to make in their community.
How to reach: BlueBridge Networks, (216) 367-7580 or www.bluebridgenetworks.com