International trade's

China and the other Pacific Rim countries receive a lot of attention as markets ripe for U.S. companies’ products, services and technology, but you may want to consider another region that offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs in the States. And it’s a lot closer to home.

That’s why the World Trade Center Pittsburgh is sponsoring a trade mission to Argentina, Brazil and Chile from Nov. 26 to Dec. 6.

Latin America has the highest Internet growth, according to Jupiter Communications, with deregulation of state-owned operations creating numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs. The number of Internet users is expected to grow about fourfold by 2003.

The electric industry also offers considerable opportunities, with demand for energy driving the demand for upgrades in generation, transmission and distribution facilities. Other hot markets are medical and environmental products and services.

The participation fee is $1,500 for the three countries.

If that’s not enough to get your attention, while it will be fall and winter in Pittsburgh, it will be late spring and early summer there. How to Reach: World Trade Center Pittsburgh, or (412) 227-3189